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What are the differences between
£600 "EL34 Silver" and £900 "EL34 Lim Signature" ?
You will not make a bad choice, 
whether you buy the £600 "EL34 Silver" or £900 "EL34 Lim Signature"
All models have a Money Back Guarantee (less £30 return carriage, within 1 month) that they will :- 
1. reduce the harsh treble from CD players
2. reduce the harsh treble metal dome tweeters
3. sound better than expensive transistor amplifiers
4. produces 20% to 30% more bass than most transistor amplifiers, 
    and most "Single Ended" valve amplifiers ( regardless of "hyped up" price ) 
( regardless of whether it uses KT88 , 300B , 845 or 211 valves !) 
5. produces the most realistic human voices that you have ever heard
We have been selling similar models for over 2 years, so we know what they are capable of. 
Please read "18 Reviews by Customers", and you will see why we are so confident.
Over the last 2 years, similar models have proven so reliable, 
that we have increased our guarantee to 2 years guarantee
(The American Military 5670 valves and expensive reliable EL34 valves also have 2 years guarantee.) 
You can also upgrade the £600 model to the £900 model.
(Please read the page called "You can upgrade from £600 "EL34 Silver" to £900 EL34 Lim Signature")

£600 Model "El34 Silver" is tuned with :-
      6 SILVER capacitors
+   American Military 5670 valves
+   Big powerful Svetlana EL34 valves, with a world wide reputation for excellent sound. 
     EL34 are used in £2,500 to £4,000 Conrad Johnson and £8,000 Red Rose amplifiers. 
     EL34 used properly will produce 40 watts to 45 watts R.M.S. per channel.
     We do not use small cheap valves that produces 3 watts at 3% distortion !
+   Massive expensive transformers
       to produce 20% to 30% more bass slam than most transistor amplifiers. 
       Our transformers are so big, powerful and heavy,
       that our amplifier usually weight 50% more than many other valve amplifiers.
+   Input filter to reduce ultrasonic noise from CD players and moving coil cartridges. 
      This reduces harsh treble 
+   "Ferrite Ring" filter on the mains lead, to reduce mains noise getting into amplifier. 
        This produces sweeter treble
£900 Model "El34 Lim Signature" is tuned with
      All of the above
+   Additional components to tune the "Ultra Linear" output transformers 
      This tuning is measurable, and more importantly, 
       it is clearly audible on expensive "High End" speakers 
If you are using "mid price" speakers costing £300 to £400, 
the £600 Model "EL34 Silver" is more than adequate ! 
If you are using £120 speakers, you should buy better speakers !

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