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Polite & Knowledgeable Forum

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Please be patient.  If you do not see your posting and the answer the next day, please try the following day.

1. This forum is suitable for beginners to experts.

2. This forum is 100% moderated. You will not get heckled or ridicule or sworn at.

3. Please note, in order to prevent any law suits from manufacturers.
    You cannot post Brand X (in current production) is better than Brand Y (in current production).

     You can ask if Brand X is better than Brand Y,
     and you will get "general guidance" + the pro + the cons,
     but we will not say that Brand X is better than Brand Y.  Sorry.

     If  Brand X and Brand Y has not been made for many years,
     then we can answer your questions a bit more frankly.

    Although we do this in summary of our testimonials,
    we have a file of signed testimonials + postmarked envelopes.

    Furthermore, in order not to distort the signed testimonial,
    we try our best to keep to the same format as the original customer,
    like Capital letters or small letter, or starting on a new line, etc

    We cannot let a complete stranger slag off
    other manufacturers in this Forum,
    so if you have a nasty posting of a manufacturer,
    the names of manufacturers will be censored !

    The STRICT CONTROL of this forum could be inconvenient !
    But if you are a nice polite guy (or gal),
    the same STRICT CONTROL in this forum means that
    you do not get heckled, ridicule, sworn at, etc ..........

     NEW - If you are a manufacturer,
                 and you feel that our customer or this forum has described your product unfairly,
                 we will give you the right to reply, and we will post your reply quickly into this forum.
                 We will also post your reply into our summary of testimonial. (This will take a bit longer.)
                  If you are still unhappy with this,
                 please telephone us on England (United Kingdom) 01634 373410
                 and let us talk it out, to see if we can a find a solution.

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