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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for EXPORT CUSTOMERS
(which will also interest some English customers)

Many valve amplifiers look the same,
because there is a limit to how many ways you can arrange 3 transformers, 4 big valves and 4 small valves, to fit on a small box !

Our valve amplifiers have been MODIFIED IN ENGLAND
with American GEC NOS JAN (military) small 5670 valves, SILVER MICA capacitors, ferrite ring mains filter, etc.


Question 1  -  What is the original power input for this unit ? (Singapore power supply is 230V),
                        If possible, please provide me the specification.

Do not be worried if the voltage in your country
is 10 volts or 20 volts less than our English 240 volts.

In MANY countries, your electricity producing company is LEGALLY ALLOWED
to produce electricity that is 10% different to the "official" voltage.

So, in England,
our 240 volts could LEGALLY CHANGE between 216 volts and 264 volts !

So, do not worry,
if the "official" voltage in your country is 220 volts or 230 volts !


Our amplifiers are designed to work ROUGHLY around 240 volts.
If the voltage increases to 264 volts, our amplifier will still work, without any problems.

If your country's voltage is 220 volts,
our amplifier will still work.
There will be a SMALL loss of output power,
( Most sane people will listen at less than 1 watt output power !  )
(    Your neighbours will complain, if you listened at 10 watts !    )

Question 2  -  Any warranty for overseas buyer? and how is the warranty likes?

We will honour our Guarantee,
because of the Internet !

If we honour our Guarantee,
and the customer is happy and "spread" the word on the Internet,
we will sell thousands of pounds of amplifiers !

If we do NOT honour our Guarantee,
and the customer will be angry and "spread" the word on the Internet,
we will lose thousands of pounds of sales !


We have "tamper proof seals" on the safety cage and bottom of the chassis.

If you do NOT break these "tamper proof seals",
we will honour our 2 years guarantee.

In the extremely unlikely case of our RELIABLE amplifier breaking down :-

1. We will send you a new set of valves.
     Replacing the valves will cure MOST problems.

2. If that does not work,
    and you know of a good local repair man,
    we will pay all the bills of your local repair man.

3. In the worst possible case,
    we will send you a new (or almost new, less than 3 months old) amplifiers.

   We will also send a courier to collect the faulty amplifier.


We have sold 90 amplifiers over the last 3 years,
and our amplifiers have proven so reliable,
that we have increased our Guarantee from 1 year to 2 years !


The most important rule of our guarantee  is :- 
Customers must NOT "experiment"
by putting in all sorts of UNSUITABLE valves into our amplifiers !

Nobody is stupid enough
to replace the transistors in a transistor amplifier (to try and improve the sound).

So why do people want to "experiment" with different valves,
when our valve amplifiers already

If our valve amplifier is cheap, reliable, sound great and is working properly,
do NOT replace the valves !
Just put on some music, sit back and enjoy the music !

Question 3  -  For "Money Back Guarantee" does it applies to overseas buyer ?

In general, people with expensive "high end" speakers love our amplifiers.

Customers with more modestly priced speakers, are pleasantly surprised that
their modestly priced speakers suddenly sound much better than they expected !

Please could export customers email details of their speakers
so we can comment on their speakers.


At the end of the day, if you really hate the amplifier,
we will refund MOST of your money.

We will charge you
UKP 50 to deliver the amplifier to you
UKP 100 to collect the amplifier from you

So you will lose a total of UKP 150


But we will also lose money !
It will cost MORE THAN UKP 150 to deliver and collect our VERY HEAVY amplifier !
We will also end up with a used amplifier, which we will have to sell off at a discount.

I hope that you will agree that
we are "bending over backwards"
to honour our "Money Back Guarantee"

Question 4  -  How is payment? Kindly list out all charges.

There is really no catch.

For our cheapest amplifier, we will charge your credit card with UKP 600 for the amplifier
plus UKP 50 for your contribution to the cost of UPS air courier.
( Then, you pay your credit card company with your local currency.  It is as easy as that ! ) 

Also see the next question about VAT (English Tax)

Question 5  -  Can export customers get VAT (English Tax) refunded ?

At the moment, we are still a small company,
so we do NOT have to charge VAT (English tax).

You CANNOT ask for your VAT (English Tax) back from the Her Majesty's Custom & Excise,
because we have NOT charged you any VAT (English Tax).

When we get bigger,
we will have to charge VAT (English Tax) for UK customers.

( Tip for English customers - BUY NOW , before we have to charge you VAT ! )

Question 6  -  How long will it take to deliver the amplifier ?

Unfortunately, it is ABOUT 3 weeks.

We take 1 week to modify the amplifier, and do a bit of "burning in"

We "burn in" export amplifiers for another week.

This will ensure that the amplifier will be as reliable as humanly possible !
We leave the amplifier on almost continuously for 7 days !
If the amplifier passes these SEVERE test,
it should work properly under NORMAL usage !

Leaving a valve amplifier on continuously,
will wear out the valves within a few months ! 

Allow UPS another week to fly the goods to you.

Question 7  -  How good is the packing ? Will the amplifier survive the long journey ?

Our amplifiers are "double packed" !

The amplifier is packed in foam, and put into a cardboard box.

The cardboard box is then surrounded by foam,
and packed in ANOTHER cardboard box !

We have already exported
     4 amplifiers to Holland
     2 amplifiers to Switzerland
     1 amplifier to Republic of Ireland
     1 amplifiers to Singapore (and another amp is in transit)
and UPS have delivered all the amplifiers, without any damage.

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