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No  more  harsh  CD  sounds  from  my  metal  dome  loudspeaker

All my Hi-Fi friends complained of the "hard" relentless treble and midrange of my expensive monitor loudspeakers.

This was annoying and illogical because Hi-Fi Choice measured dozens of speakers and my expensive monitor loudspeakers had the LOWEST distortion. The 3.5 inch beryllium metal dome midrange had a magnet that was larger than most 12 inch woofers !

Now, all my Hi-Fi friends agree that the Model EL34 makes the treble and midrange of my expensive monitor loudspeakers sounds totally different and is much much better than before.

This is one of the reasons why we started importing and selling the Model EL34 Class A Valve amplifiers.

If you don't believe us, you can try it out for yourself, with a  risk  free  1  month  home  trial .

                                                                                                Mr A L Lim
                                                                                      Affordable Valve Company


Affordable  Valve  Company  £510  Model  EL34  valve amplifier is guaranteed  to
cure  the  harsh  sound  of  your  CD  and  metal  cone / dome  speakers ,
or  we  will  refund  your  money  !

( see details of our risk free 1 month home trial )

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Telephone 01634 373410 anytime

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