Valve Amplifier 

Features  of  our  EL34  valve  amplifier

    1.  30 watts , Class  A  , EL34 valve amplifier

    2.  Properly matched pairs of  big  expensive  EL34  valves

    3.  Massive  over-sized  output  transformers  and massive mains transformer 
             The amplifier weighs about 23 kg ( about the same weight as 38 pints of milk ! ) 
                                 ( Most women cannot lift this amplifier ! ) 

     4.  Choke / Inductor in the power supply 

     5.          Output terminals for 4 ohms loudspeakers 
           and  output terminals for 8 ohms loudspeakers 
           Allows you to optimise the power/current to your loudspeakers. 

     6.  Thick machined aluminium front panel 

      7.  Volume control with "click stops" 

      8.  Gold plated input terminals and gold plated heavy duty speaker terminals 

      9.  Detachable safety cage for the hot valves. The safety cage is secured by 4 bolts. 
                This is essential for any customers with young children. 

    10.  CE safety marking 

  FREE  delivery  to  the  United  Kingdom  and  most  of  Europe  
( but  the  "1 month home trial"  offer  is  only  for  the  United  Kingdom. )

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